About OSTEWG | Charter


The goals of this working group are:

  • Form a community focussed on development of the Stone Soup framework and components. In time this will become an expert community to support less experienced members;
  • Develop an agreed software interface specification for components;
  • Release a Beta version of the Stone Soup framework in April 2019, with regular updates;
  • Populate data repository with suitable test data;
  • Select one use/data-case annually for development;
  • Present results from the use/data-case at Special Session at each Fusion Conference.

The Stone Soup project will be the core this working group. OSTEWG will enable a wider outreach with the firm aspiration of building Stone Soup into the heart of the Fusion community, centred around meetings at each annual Fusion conference. The first meeting will be aligned with Fusion 2019 at Ottawa, Canada. This will be timely as it will occur shortly after Stone Soup’s beta release – April 2019. The intention is for OSTEWG to set challenges supported by data within the Stone Soup framework each year at the Fusion conferences. This is a popular model that encourages participation across the community. The intention is that data would be accessible across the working group (although some data sets may have caveats) and challenge entrants would provide their solution in Stone Soup compatible format for evaluation at the following Fusion conference. Innovative approaches could also become papers at a special session each year.

OSTEWG runs a two-tiered membership structure:

  1. Those that are interested in the work and would like to monitor our activities can join to become Members of the working group. There are no obligations to make meaningful contributions, but obviously we hope you do. Members are welcome to attend our annual meeting at each year’s Fusion conference and view this website.
  2. Those that would like to contribute to the given year’s challenge can sign up to the higher status of Participants. Participants get the link to the active Trello board for each year, which we will use to manage the collaborative work. You are free to promote yourself to Participant status or drop down to Member status on a year by year basis, dependent on your interest in the Focus Topic for that year. Sign up to Participant status is via the OSTEWG web site and this will give you access to the data set and active collaboration with other folk focusing on the same problem.


The Open Source Tracking and Estimation Working Group exists to form a community focused on development of an open-source tracking and state estimation framework and population of the framework with open-source components.

Our key motivations are:

  • Code sharing/Open Source
  • Collaboration across groups
  • Working in the open
  • Use of the Stone Soup framework

OSTEWG has four key objectives:

  1. To build a flexible and unified software platform for researchers and engineers to develop, test and benchmark a variety of existing multi-sensor and multi-object estimation algorithms;
  2. To adopt one topic of focus per year, to concentrate and cohere effort and allow for comparison of approaches. To encourage contributions of algorithms, data, detector models, simulators and metrics relevant to the focus topic;
  3. To present the results from the focus back to the ISIF fusion community annually at each Fusion conference; where possible at a Special Session;
  4. The group will report on a yearly basis to the ISIF BoD, either by a short presentation at an ISIF BoD meeting, or by a short written document.

Membership rules of OSTEWG are:

  • Members may join and leave the group at any time. Visitors are allowed at OSTEWG meetings, at the discretion of the group.
  • Full access to all content of this website is absolutely free and does not imply in any commitment to the group. However, to avoid spam and unsolicited advertising, we do limit access to the discussions and other content to those who are registered to the website. Anyone can request a free registration via emailing [email protected].

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